My name is Rachel Goltzman.  I am running for School Board because I believe that Education is the Foundation of Our Future - Your Voice is Important!

I am an…

  • Advocate for continued high academic achievement for our district,
  • Champion for ensuring the educational needs of all,
  • Believer in integrity of person & discussion,
  • Supporter of the district’s diversity, equity, and social justice core values,
  • Conduit for all community voices to be heard, and
  • Bridge for building community strength & engagement.

I love the MRH School District and our community; I would be honored to share my passion and commitment for our children on the MRH School Board.

I have been a lifelong Missouri resident and a Richmond Heights resident since 2001. I have been married to Paul Swier for 18 years; we have two children. Both of our children have been enrolled in the MRH School District since preschool; currently, we have a middle school student (Jacob) and a high school student (Amelia).

I have a Master’s degree in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis and 2 years post-master certification in Gestalt therapy. I worked for 15 years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker; seven of those years I ran my own practice while continuing my work in the community. My focus of practice was severe mental illness, domestic violence, child abuse, & trauma. My social work education and experience taught me active listening skills, the ability to see the overall picture, to focus on resolving challenges using a person’s strengths, and excellent communication skills. In addition, I have 7 years of accounting experience from running my private practice. Since retiring from Social Work, I have been an Office Manager for a metal shop providing bookkeeping, tax preparation, and human resource management. This experience broadened my accounting skills as well as provided education on a completely different work field: metal fabrication & construction projects. I am the only accounting professional at my company and manage the finances of multiple complex projects simultaneously. In addition, I am the treasurer of the Spread Ari’s Light Foundation.

My volunteer experiences include volunteering at my children’s schools, being a Girl Scout leader, a Neighborhood Girl Scout Cookie Manager, and an Assistant Coach with MRH Youth Sports. In addition, I was an active volunteer and the Secretary of the Jewish Council Against Family Violence from 1999-2012. 

I am a practicing Jew in a loving interfaith marriage. I have a strong connection to my faith and our community. My faith and experiences would bring diversity to the School Board and helps guide my social justice values and action. We are a family that loves outdoor activities: hiking, jogging, snow skiing, biking and exploring. I have practiced yoga for the past 15 years. I am an avid gardener and neglector of orchids. And I enjoy crafting, whether it is knitting, needlepoint or scrapbooking.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!