Hello Patriot, and thank you for stopping by.  My name is Stephen G. Harvey, and I'd like to be your next Representative for the 2nd District of Kentucky.   Please read all of the way to the bottom!  A little about me .... 

I am a 29 year old working American citizen and father of 1.  I was brought up in rural Kentucky by well-traveled parents, and have been an avid student of U.S. History, its Founding Documents and Fathers, and of the life which has blessed me with the opportunity to learn.  I attained a 4-year college degree while working full-time, as a salaried manager for a multi-million dollar, privately held organization. I have worked honest jobs since I was 16 years old, made childish mistakes like any growing young American, and learned from them; and I believe in the principles of Self-Determination which made that possible. 

I am endlessly passionate about America, the truly Beautiful, and the heart of its people and nation. I have traveled all over our country, and I want to see prosperity roll over this land unlike any that has come before. My life's purpose is to leave my communities, my states, our nation, and our shared world in a better place for our children than when we found it.

After beholding the events of 2020 in America, I find that I can no longer tolerate the failures of the Washington DC Swamp, and the failure of establishment politicians everywhere.  Let's face it - They failed We The People in 2020.

I am on a mission to give the Conservative young-voter, and the Conservative voter in general, a relatable, professional, firebrand candidate who will represent We The People in the Congress of the United States for Kentucky's 2nd District

Stances on Issues:

*Pro Second Amendment & Open Carry
*Pro Limited Government (Jeffersonian lens)
*Pro Life
*Pro American Energy 
*Forensic Audit - 2020 General Election
*Denounce Critical Race Theory
*End Human Trafficking
*Lower Taxes Will Create Economic Prosperity
*Pro Small Business
*Pro Working-Class American Everywhere

Campaign Slogan

"Make Kentucky Great Again!"

Defining Core Values

1. Transparency:

The constituents of Kentucky, and the American people as a whole, deserve total transparency from those individuals who represent them in government. This should include receipts for all taxpayer monies spent, low-cost or "economy" transportation for travel, and a daily limit on the permissible dollar amount representatives are allowed to spend for personal items, such as food or meals. Transparency is the foundation of trust between constituents and their representatives.

2. Integrity:

Integrity is roughly described as "doing the right thing when no one is watching", something the Washington DC Swamp Elite have ignored for decades. The "Make Kentucky Great Again" campaign shall follow-through on its promises to best represent the interests of both Kentucky's 2nd Congressional District, and the American people, and shall put the needs of Americans first.

3. Respect of the Person:

America is the melting pot of our world, and was once the most sought after land on Earth. Generations flocked to our shores when they saw the wealth and freedom Americans enjoyed, created by the work of their hands and their respect for one another. Respect of our fellow man, in the face of disagreement or rebuke, is paramount for our nation, and nowhere is this more applicable than in our government. The Washington DC Swamp Elite respect power, money, and greed, while they lambast one another and the American people. The "Make Kentucky Great Again" campaign chooses the people over the purse, and over power.

4. Respect of the Constitution of the United States of America:

The Constitution of the United States of America is the contract between the Government and the American People. Forged from the fires of personal liberty, individual choice, and self-determination, it forms the basis for all laws which govern our land. When enacting legislation that will become tangible law over all Americans, Congressional representatives have an oath-bound duty to consider the constitutionality of the legislation, first, and this includes assessing the legislation's adherence to the spirit of individual liberties, particularly as found in the "Bill of Rights".

5. Enthusiastic and Determined Patriotism:

"Make Kentucky Great Again!" is more than a slogan - it is indicative of a broader way of life. America the Beautiful is a land rife with opportunity and riches, and inhabited by some of the most generous people on Earth. It is time to be proud of our heritage again - it is time we are excited to be American!


Fundraising Goals:

Congressman Brett Guthrie is the 2022 incumbent candidate for the Republican primary, in Kentucky's 2nd District. Congressman Guthrie has a history of political involvement, as far back as 1999 at the state level and 2008 at the Congressional level.  He is liked and respected both by our campaign, and the constituents. However, he has served 6 terms now as a KY Congressman.

It is our belief that new, vibrant blood is needed for the 2nd District.

Our campaign seeks to raise $250,000 USD on CrowdPac between August 1, 2021 and May 15, 2022 for purposes of campaigning for the Republican primary nomination on May 17, 2022.

With your help, I will wrest the nomination for Republican challenger in the General Election away from Representative Guthrie, and will do my part to help usher in an era of prosperity and peace for Americans everywhere. 

Thank you,


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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!