A native of California and former Democrat, I am running as an Independent (I) for US Senator to represent all Californians.  Upon meeting with a politically diverse group of community members, students, teachers and friends I learned everyone wants: affordable housing, affordable health care, safe neighborhoods, federal law enforcement reforms, reimagined public safety throughout the state of CA, equal and affordable education just to name a few.

As an entrepreneur, grassroots organizer and White House Champion of Change Educator I will use my  hands on experience when it comes to fighting for equitable K-12 education,  building bridges and better relationships with law enforcement and fighting for affordable health care.

Why did I change my political party?  Simply put, many of the California political leaders have gone too far to the left when it comes to defunding the police, public safety and homelessness.  Like the majority of the nation I support Reimagining Law Enforcement & Public Safety. In addition, I consider myself a compassionate capitalist and do not support a democratic AOC socialist agenda. 

Democrats and Republicans are too far apart and my desire is to be a unifying Independent Bipartisan US Senator to bring Californians together for the greater good of our state and the country.  It's time for Democrats, Republicans, Independents and undecided voters to work together on common issues, policies and goals.  

Let's do this together block by block, city by city all the way to Washington, DC.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!