It has been 24 years since the City asked for a funding increase from taxpayers for trails, open space and parks. However, in that time, the number of people utilizing these has increased dramatically. In order to continue to provide adequate open space and well-maintained parks and trails, the city needs a modest increase in funding.

One of the main reasons so many of us live here is for the natural beauty of the mountains, parks, creeks, wildlife, and our access to outdoor recreation. We need to act now to protect and maintain our quality of life in this area.

In these difficult times, we have seen how important parks and outdoor recreation are for our mental and physical health. It is more important than ever to provide and maintain opportunities for children and all city residents to get outside safely.

Our city has faced catastrophic fires and floods in the past eight years. With proper funding, there are actions we can take now to prepare and help reduce the risks of future damage

In 30 years, the City of Colorado Springs will be the largest city in Colorado, with another 150,000 people projected to move here. We need to plan ahead for growth and to protect our water, mountains and our quality of life — now and for future generations.

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