I'm running to give South Dakotans a voice that would of been silenced without my candidacy. Without me, my Republican Opponent would run completely unopposed in the General Election after the Democrat dropped out of the race and the Independent failed to collect enough signatures.

More than that, I don't just want to be the anti Republican vote. I want to be a candidate that even Republicans can vote for - with my small government and anti-federalist attitude, I believe I am. There is no stronger advocate for cutting Federal Spending, being fiscally responsible, standing up for property and gun rights than I am.

I'm also a candidate that Democrats can vote for, I'm socially liberal believing that the Government ought not interfere between a patient and their doctor on any choices about gender, pregnancy, or taking experimental medicine for terminal illness. I believe that the Government shouldn't stop any consenting adults from getting married. I believe in ending the failed Drug War. 

I'm a strong Libertarian most of all believing in the Non Agression Principle, from which all my political beliefs stem. Individual Liberty and Freedom from an Overbearing Federal Government are my most important virtues.

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    “Collin Duprel is the honest, transparent, kind, up to date, intelligent, hardworking, and correct choice for South Dakota’s lone seat in congress.”

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