Gloria Caballero Roca began life in Cuba as the third of four children raised by a single parent. Though a single parent herself at nineteen, Gloria relentlessly pursued academic excellence. 

Her achievements and expertise include an  undergraduate degree in simultaneous interpretation from English to Spanish (Havana, Cuba), a Ph.D. in Latin American, Caribbean and Portuguese Languages and Literatures (UMass-Amherst), a Master of Arts in Women ́s and Gender Studies focusing on the Franco-Algerian filmmaker Jamina Benguigui and beur cinema (Lodz, Poland and U. Oviedo in Asturias, Spain), and a second Ph.D. in Women ́s and Gender Studies and Diversity (U. Oviedo). Currently a professor at Bard Microcollege Holyoke and Greenfield Community College, she empowers female students of all ages with the ultimate skills of reflection and critical thinking by teaching the Clemente Course in the Humanities through Holyoke’s Care Center.

Dr. Caballero Roca is a committed activist for social and environmental justice. Her 2021 Holyoke mayoral campaign demanded decent affordable housing, an increased minimum wage to match inflation, economic development through local businesses rather than large corporations, investment in education (rather than MCAS testing and school receiverships), green transportation to improve water, air, and quality of life, reform of the justice system and immigration policies, demilitarization of police, and finally that public health take priority over profits in health care (especially now in the midst of an ongoing pandemic). 

She champions equal opportunities for all the citizens of the Commonwealth and will hold state-funded services accountable to the public’s interest with transparency, common sense, and justice for all.

“We deserve a State Auditor with common sense, integrity, and genuine empathy for the struggles of the people in the Commonwealth.”

  • I will be accountable to all the residents of Massachusetts, not to the insiders who dominate Beacon Hill.
  • I will ensure that state agencies and expenditures serve the public’s interest rather than further enriching wealthy well-connected private interests.
  • I will be an independent watchdog for the people, not beholden to the two corporate-funded parties, an Auditor for the rest of us!

According to Massachusetts law, individuals may give no more than $1000 in a calendar year to any candidate for state/local office. Note, in addition, that our Green-Rainbow campaigns do not accept any contributions:
1) from registered lobbyists, or
2) from officers and political action committees (PACS) of for-profit corporations that employ registered lobbyists. 

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July 30, 2022

Momentum Builds As We Get Closer To Securing Ballot Access


We are so close to securing our ballot access for the November general election. With over the 5000 signatures that we need to collect, teams of committed volunteers, along with our professional circulator, are out in the streets every day this weekend until our deadline on Tuesday to give us a comfortable cushion to fall back on as we expect some signatures to fall through the cracks. 

A team of young supporters have been energetically collecting signatures in Western Mass. The youth understand that neither corporate party represents them. They are taking democracy into their own hands, grassroots style! The future belongs to them! 

Donate today to show appreciation to our dedicated volunteers and help keep this momentum going!!!

Campaign created!

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