Anna has been a Caldwell County resident for 27 years. Since First Sergeant Anna retired Honorably from active-duty military service with the US Army in 2008, she set her priorities on getting to better know her community.

Anna first familiarized herself with county boundaries by becoming a Recruiter and then Group Supervisor for the US Census Bureau in Caldwell County. She then turned her attention to championing the cause for veterans and their families as the County Veterans Service Officer (VSO). Since then, Anna has volunteered for various non-profit organizations and continues to play an active role in the community.

Anna’s 25+ years of military service included a combat tour in Iraq, amongst various other tours. She had domestic assignments with the Texas Joint Military Forces in support of local, state and federal agencies, the Texas Attorney General’s Office Financial Crimes Division as an Intelligence Analyst, the Texas Department of State Health Services/Mental Health, and US Customs. After returning from deployment to Iraq, she sat in as a member on an Advisory Committee to the Governor’s Office which focused on PTSD. Experiences through a career in the military forces and these various assignments/accreditations will serve well in filling the position Caldwell County Judge.

Anna is a mother of three and grandmother to five babes. She's most aware that what we do today will impact current and future generations. She volunteers in our communities & throughout the county to support organizations that have positive impact.

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