I’m running for re-election for village trustee because I am excited to continue to drive the momentum we’ve created in village government towards a just, thriving, net-zero village. I’ve been able to turn my values into action in such areas as sustainabilitypolicingdevelopment, and maintaining a diverse community. 

As an occupational and environmental physician, public health researcher, and former family physician, I understand the importance of studying problems in depth while listening to and addressing the needs of my patients and communities I serve. When I’m confronted with a new  issue in front of the village board - and there are several on a weekly basis - I dive in to make sure I understand all sides of the issue and I seek out and listen to experts.

The accomplishments I’m most proud of from my four years on the village board include:

  • I facilitated the ad hoc sustainability group that made recommendations to the village board resulting in energy efficiency grants to low-income residents, rebates for solar panels, and our climate action plan which puts our village on the path to net zero by 2050.
  • I initiated and supported the assessment of our police department.
  • I assured that our Housing Center continues to receive funding so it can continue its vital role in keeping our community diverse.
  • I voted to keep our property tax increases to 3% for the past 3 years and 0% this year.

My goal for the next four years is to make sure Oak Park keeps moving forward. This means: 1) including initiatives in our municipal departments and in our village budget that move us toward our climate action goals, 2) driving action on the recommendations in the Berry Dunn report on policing so that it doesn’t become a report that collects dust on a shelf, 3) continue to use my voice and vote to promote progressive issues.  

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!