My Background

I grew up in Chiloquin, Oregon.  There was a lot of poverty, but not many prospects.  I went to a school with great teachers, who loved what they did. But they were under-resourced and the schools underfunded. Because of this, I struggled in college.  I was lucky to find a career as a paramedic, and now as a flight paramedic. 

My Priorities

I want my teenage daughter, and every child in Redmond, to have exactly what they need to thrive in kindergarten through high school and beyond.  I believe this means ensuring school safety, providing resources for teachers and students, and supporting multiple pathways for success after high school.  

My child is on the path to college and higher education, but that is not the path for every kid.  Some need to learn crucial life skills in school to enter the workforce as soon as they finish high school.  Others, like me, are more apt for a trade school and need exposure to CTE.  Every child has unique skills and abilities and requires a school experience that meets their needs. When we provide resources and support to EVERY student, our community succeeds. 

What Makes Me the Right Candidate

Redmond has been my home for the past 7 years. I have become integrated in the community and love it here. It is truly a unique community.  I believe we need a unique voice on our school board.  My life experience is very different from other school board candidates. I believe this makes me an exceptional candidate.  I am a member of The Klamath Tribes and have served on the Education committee, Senate Bill 13 committee, and have been developing the Homas Gi Program focused on improving v the healthcare of tribal members through a traditional lens. The work I have done with my tribe has solidified my understanding of what it means to be committed to fighting for equity and social justice. Being a flight paramedic has taught me skills in collaboration, critical thinking, and cognitive flexibility


Please support me in providing quality solutions, powerful advocacy, and distinct perspectives for our community. Redmond deserves a candidate who is as unique as our community is.  

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!