I love this community! I coordinate the Sunday Street Kitchen, 17th Street Cleanups & Streetside Cooling Shelters, and I volunteer serving meals at Family Kitchen. I’ve also coordinated local community building events with non-profits, schools, businesses, service providers and community groups.

As a wife, mother and community advocate, it is important to me that Redmond Area Park and Recreation District (RAPRD) curates safe spaces with activities, events, programs and enrichment opportunities that are accessible and affordable for everyone in the community.

Thanks to the support of Redmond voters last fall, the RAPRD will soon begin construction on a new facility. This is an opportunity to provide more health, recreation and sports programs in Redmond, saving many of us from making repeated trips to Bend to use facilities and camps. 

A vote for Lena Berry is a vote to:

  1. Support the Executive Director, staff and community in creating a quality, financially sustainable Recreation Center with as much of a variety of sports, fitness, health, music, art, well-being and fun opportunities as possible.
  2. Promote collaborations with Redmond City businesses, vendors, coaches and fitness professionals to promote community involvement & accessibility while meeting the needs of the community across ages, cultures & abilities.
  3. Keep taxes low. I will be a responsible steward of our tax dollars and do everything in my power to ensure RAPRD delivers high-quality services as efficiently as possible.

I am asking for your vote so that I can do the hard work of ensuring Redmond families can continue to count on the wonderful spaces and activities our park district provides.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!