106 people have endorsed Elizabeth Guzman on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Tom Perrault

    “I support the "Expand the Virginia map" campaign because change starts at the grassroots.”

  • Daniel Carson

    “It's time we stood up to the NRA with our dollars, our voices, and our anger.”

  • Brenda Davis

    “Join me in supporting the top 5 most flippable seats in the Virginia legislature!!”

  • Laurie Dodd

    “I support each one of these outstanding candidates! I have met them all and would be proud to have them in the House of Delegates. Turn the House Blue!”

  • Robbin Warner

    “These incredible candidates have what it takes to win. It's up to us to make sure they have what they need to run strong competitive campaigns. We can do this!”

  • Stair Calhoun

    “Let's all move forward and grasp whyvamatters2017.com”

  • CB Hung

    “We need more women in government at all levels. Ms. Guzman is a good candidate.”

  • Frances Callanan

    “I support Unite to Flip Virginia as a way of working toward ending gerrymandering and restoring proportional representation within our state and the federal government.”

  • Warren Wright

    “I support United to Flip Virginia because it is the best leverage to get new leaders elected into office in Virginia.”

  • Robert L Walter

    “We need a more progressive VA House to help solve pressing problems.”

  • Barbara A. jones

    “I care about all citizens rights being protected.”

  • Michael L Sternad

    “I support Unite to Flip Virginia Blue because the decisions being made for all of Virginia by the gerrymandered south are not in the best interests of all VA, nor even of the south.”

  • Al Kenneke

    “We need to make real progress in Virginia ... in health and energy and education and justice and ...”

  • Katherine M Bailey

    “I support Unite to Flip Virginia - and the Nation because I like the color blue.”

  • Kathleen Murray

    “I decided to "Put Up", so now I don't have to.... :)”

There are 2 other candidates running in this race: