13 people have endorsed Tyler Morrison on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Imelda Cuevas endorsed

    “I love his passion and his ideas for our community.”

  • Kenneth Mejia endorsed

    “He carries the same values and vision as Bernie and the progressive movement needed to lead South Gate in the right direction. He's a human being that cares. You don't get that in Politics nowadays.”

  • Karen Connor endorsed

    “I support Tyler Morrison because he genuinely cares about the common person, and wants to make this a better world for everyone.”

  • Verónica Castro endorsed

    “We need more progressives like this young man in our local, state and federal government. Go for it!”

  • Melodie Cuevas endorsed

    “Tyler Morrison is someone we need representing us, the people. Like great leaders, he has sacrificed so much time after time for the people: from protesting injustices to putting his job at risk to form a union. I actually met Tyler on the bus to a No DAPL protest, or a protest vowing to protect indigenous rights by saying no to a pipeline that desires to run through their sacred land. The soul fact that he is for the people highlights his potential; and if we have him in office, our future will be pushed in a better direction. It's not him, it's us, and I am glad to be apart of that us.”

  • Valeria Ponce endorsed

    “I endorse Morrison for South Gate Council. Although Morrison has only been a South Gate resident for two years and comes from Florida, Tyler has innovative ideas to continue leading our city forward and does not come with a personal Agenda and that's what our city of South Gate needs. Tyler has a compelling story coming from the Foster Care system and beating the odds despite what he went through growing up as a teenager who was separated from his parents who abused substances. Morrison comes from life experiences despite his young 21 years of age and Morrison had 2 options: allow his life in Foster Care to define his future and be a victim to a life he was given that he had zero control over and wasn't given the option to choose, or fight against the odds and use his struggles to motivate him to keep striving for greatness. Morrison chose the second route and that's why I endorse him. Morrison is not your typical Candidate for South Gate Politician who has a college degree, gives false promises to the community so he can obtain your vote to get him elected and neither does he have a hunger for a position of power. Morrison can relate to the people because he is just like us. South Gate needs a Councilman who can relate to us -- humble beginnings and struggling bring change. You cannot name a baby Tyler Francis Morrison and expect him not to lead a movement. I believe in your Francis Tyler Morrison. I am so proud of you and how far you've came despite all the pain and suffering you've gone though and I know you are the change South Gate has been waiting for. #Morrison4SouthGate”

  • Brian Gutierrez endorsed

    “I endorse Tyler Morrison because he brings a unique vibe to our community where many of our youth can be inspired by. He's a young man with great political background; he demonstrates great quality leadership skills, being actively involved around the country shows he is willing to take any challenge to make an impact for the rights of others.”