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  • Tim Mottshaw

    “The people of the United States are losing representation in government because of big money supplied by those who can afford to spend biasing the rules.”

  • Cheryl Fuqua Krock

    “Katherine Allen is running for Jason Chavetz's seat in Congress, with a very good chance of taking it for the Democrats. She is a worthy candidate and worth sending a few bucks to her campaign if you can afford it. Every little bit helps!”

  • Cindy Prusso

    “I endorse Kathryn because she is NOT a Republican. Utah needs representatives that actually care about their constituents and not their personal agenda. Just because you may be LDS does not mean you have to vote Republican. Look at her values and listen to how she cares for others. No more republicans Utah, no more!”

  • James Huning

    “As a native Californian who now lives in DC and Maine, I am very impressed with Dr. Allen's philosophy. As a retired scientist (NASA and NSF) I totally agree with her position on science and especially climate change.”

  • Dr. Michael Brunson

    “I endorse and will support Dr. Kathryn Allen because she appears to truly care for people, and Chaffetz is a Trump surrogate who follows his right-wing agenda irrespective of his constituents' desires and best interests. His voting history and behavior continues to reflect the sick devisiveness of the Republicans in power, and God help us all if he continues to "represent" us in Congress. Please work hard to elect this fine candidate, Dr. Allen.”

  • janis Ries

    “I endorse Kathryn Allen because we need more women running and need to get rid of Jason Chaffetz at the very least.”

  • Betty Van Wagenen

    “Kathryn Allen supports my values which include a concern for seniors, minorities, women, children and men. She is not beholden to corporations and wants to see fair taxation for US citizens. Millionaires and billionaires are not going to feel a dent in their wealth by paying their fair share of taxes; but middle and low-income families will see tax increases that will impact their daily lives. Kathryn is a breath of fresh air in the world of politics--a woman and doctor who understands real people.”

  • Bob cruz

    “She seems so far to be in tune with utah public and willing to be objective and not just a minion of a political party. What happened to everyone liking term limits. Here's our chance-fire Jason”

  • Diane Cushman Neal

    “I endorse Kathy Allen because she stands for democracy, liberty, freedoms and will do an excellent job. We need someone who can be objective and not a yes-man. Someone who stands for the American people. I am a Coloradan who believes not just in name, but have and continue to give. Thank you!”

  • Anne Axelrod-Bedell

    “Time to end the Chaffetz run. How he's survived in Utah this long is a mystery to me. He's an ignorant, hypocritical bully, and a blatantly cowardly representative of the beautiful people of Utah and our country. Kathryn is a candidate that will represent her constituents and all Americans across our already great country. She has my full support as do all candidates who strive to protect our country from corporate corruption and ethical indignities.”

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