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  • Elton Todd Adcock

    “I agree that continuing to elect the same people to represent us will continue to yield the same results. In the last few years all three branches of our state government have been disgraced by the persons whom have held them. Roy Moore even has been the audacity to run for the US Senate. He and his cohorts have some how convinced good people that God is involved in politics and public policy. The laws of God and the laws of man are two distinctly different things. I am sickened by the recent photo of President Trump praying in the Oval Office while evangelical ministers lay their hands upon him. The Republican candidates for Senator from my beloved State are running over each other to gain the endorsement of this hypocritical, Russian conspiring, lie spewing traitor. It is time to fight back and employ new guards for our future liberties.”

  • Richard Meriwether

    “I support Michael Hansen because his views are well within my belief system and I agree wholeheartedly with them. Also, I admire his courage and conviction...”

  • Clint Hancock

    “We need more men like this out there.. Lets help him get to Washington..”

  • Joe Winans

    “I have lived in the land of perpetual potential for 30years. It is time we move ahead. I believe electing Michael Hansen would be a good place to start.”

  • Edward Lainsbury

    “Finally a candidate who has my values!! Let's help this guy win!”

  • Frank Mileto

    “Alabama needs a clear alternative to the regressive Republicans.”

  • Martha Carter

    “I supported Mr Hansen so that Alabama gets a representative who is concerned about Alabamians and not just his wallet”

  • Dalton Goode

    “I endorse Michael because Alabama needs someone like him who cares about the people and wants to improve the lives of Alabama's Citizens.”

  • Shauna

    “Its time for change especially in Alabama. I have been here 16 years now and there is much to like, however the political pool needs a good cleaning! Let me know what I can do to help!! Seriously!!”

  • Brent Pickett

    “A beacon of light for a generation in desperate need of a path towards progress.”

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