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  • Rachel Hogan

    “I support Lauren Colliver because she is an amazing woman who owns businesses in Blacksburg, is a mother of 4 beautiful children and is passionate about our town! She is one of the most driven and reliable people I know! We love you Lauren!”

  • kate Steinbacher

    “Lauren is smart and inclusive and collaborative. Exactly what's needed to get great things accomplished”

  • Erin Stenger

    “I support Lauren Colliver because she is a compassionate, inclusive, and proactive member of the Blacksburg Community. She is invested in the town and will work to support all members of the community.”

  • Susie Francis-Jimenez

    “I endorse my long time friend Lauren because of the determination, passion and loyalty she always demonstrates in anything she is a part of. All the best Lauren I know you will achieve amazing things.”

  • Jessica Derr

    “An intelligent, passionate, and compassionate woman like Lauren is exactly what we need more of in this climate. I know she will be amazing at this.”

  • Ninna Amora

    “I trust Lauren with everything! I know she will act with integrity, fairness and compassion. She understands the big picture and how seemingly small decisions can make an impact on the whole. Consider yourself lucky to have her in your corner representing and fighting for you. The world needs more Lauren's!”

  • Alan Appel

    “She is a person of very high integrity.”

  • Stephanie Spangler Slocum

    “Lauren is a powerhouse. She is devoted to her family, friends and community. She is intelligent, honest, hard working, loving, caring, loyal, kindhearted, inclusive....and absolutely fierce when needed. We would be lucky to have her represent us and this community. It is with great pleasure that I endorse Lauren.”

  • Marija Parente

    “Lauren is a woman who lives a full life, beautiful children, amazing partner and husband, successful business. She absolutely knows how to have her hands full and manage it all powerfully and on time. When you live a life like this, you learn a thing or two about being extremely effective and Lauren is a perfect demonstration of it. I would have her represent me any time! Wholeheartedly endorsed!”

  • Margaret Pixley

    “Honestly, I would trust Lauren with my life. She is smart, honest, good-hearted, and she can get the job done no matter what it is.”

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