28,218 people have endorsed Hillary Clinton on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Rosa Johnson endorsed

    “I believe in her. She will make a big difference for America.”

  • Julia Sanchez endorsed

    “She is totally qualified, a doer, vast government experience and has the best plataform”

  • Rab Sikanda Ba'are endorsed

    “Because I have so many believes that coincides with hers”

  • Sarah Biernacki endorsed

    “Because I'm terrified of Trump”

  • Robert endorsed

    “She is the best qualified and prepared to be the next president !”

  • Leigh Hilderbrandt endorsed

    “Hillary is an intelligent, strong, brave, ambitious, successful, funny, honest, impassioned, and caring woman. Having served as secretary of state, U.S. senator from New York, first lady of Arkansas, a practicing lawyer and law professor, and an activist and advocate for women, children, minorities, underprivileged and under-represented in the US and abroad, she is the most qualified candidate for presidency this year and probably one of the most qualified to have ever run.”

  • Deb Templeton endorsed

    “While not a perfect match, she best fits my thoughts on the issues.”

  • Arthur endorsed

    “I endorse Hillary Clinton because she is the best person for the job and not a racist nut job.”

  • Gary S Lambert endorsed

    “She is the most qualified candidate in this cycle! Go MADAM PRESIDENT!!!!”

  • Bernice Keels endorsed

    “Most qualified candidate and proven experience”

  • Evie Sammon endorsed

    “I endorse Hillary Clinton because 2016 has proved that politics is a woman's game.”

  • Elizabeth Coleman endorsed

    “She is the most qualified to lead our country in the right direction. She is for us the everyday worker, mother, father, business owner, the fabric of America. She will make a better future for our children and their children.”

  • Sharon endorsed

    “Because she is the best person for commander and chief of this great nation I can't see Trump as our president, it just to frightening.”

  • Danita endorsed

    “Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate running in this election. Hillary Clinton knows that mothers are worried about their children going to college and achieving the best education Possible. She understands that Healthcare needs to be affordable for all americans. Hillary you have my vote and my support. Hillary for President 2016.”

  • Lian endorsed

    “I endorse Hillary Clinton because she is the most qualified, is an over comer and has a good heart. She is righteous and cares about all people.”

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