28,218 people have endorsed Hillary Clinton on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Tyler endorsed

    “She is the single most qualified candidate to run for President of the United States”

  • Affan Khokhar endorsed

    “She's the best!”

  • Tricia endorsed

    “I think she needed to win”

  • Jordan Douglas endorsed

    “I think she should win because she is more for the people”

  • Catherine Galindo endorsed

    “I Support Hilary Clinton because she has the experiencet be President. She is for the people.”

  • Catherine Galindo endorsed

    “I endorse Hilary Clinton because She is for the people. She has the experience to lead for President.”

  • Maryuri endorsed

    “I support hillary clinton because i believe she can be a good president”

  • Richard endorsed

    “Because we need peace and love in America”

  • Taro endorsed

    “I think hillary has good ideas and donald trump is an idoit”

  • Emily endorsed

    “I don't agree with everything she says but the things she says are more reasonable ideas that trump says”

  • Jamir endorsed

    “She should win because i want my world to be a better place”

  • Quintan.huntersmith endorsed

    “she will help us have education”

  • Lirio Gonzalez endorsed

    “She Has The Experience And Knowledge Of Our Government. She Will Fight For The Middle Class.”

  • Harley endorsed

    “Because if Donald Trump wins my friends will have to go to Mexico”

  • Jay Banks endorsed

    “She the greatest person I ever know”

There are 5 other candidates running in this race: