I'm running because reading the political news this past year has made me an activist. My family owns and runs the Lewis Farm, so I am no stranger to hard work. As a woman of action, when I say I'm running to make a difference, I will do it.

It's time for new voices to speak out and make a difference in New Hampshire politics. I will focus on solving problems: like a statewide plan to treat opiate addiction, funding full day kindergarten, sustainable state healthcare funding, and a dedicated infrastructure project approach; not creating more unnecessary and restrictive laws like a poll tax on college students and using tax dollars to subsidize private K-12 education.  

As a mother of two, an employer, an architect, and a business owner, I know how to balance a budget. I believe it is important to secure the funds for a project before committing. I have a background in putting together creative financing solutions for construction projects, and in urban planning and transportation solutions for the Concord Transportation Planning Advisory Committee, and I bring that knowledge to my work for Merrimack 27.

Our legislature is more polarized than it has been in over 100 years. As a transactional attorney, I am skilled at the art of compromise and negotiation. I am comfortable reaching across the aisle to solve our pressing state issues, such as ten-year infrastructure financing.

If you are looking for a progressive candidate who cares about constituent services, and making Concord a great place to live, the buck stops here: I won't let you down. 

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    “I support Architect Attorney McWilliams as a powerhouse professional willing to stand up for HEALTH CARE, EDUCATION, and ENERGY for our community and families.”

September 6, 2018

All Hands on Deck!!!

This is the last blitz to get in front of voters before the 9/11 Primary! 

The Primary Election is on TUESDAY 9/11 from 7am to 7pm at Polling Stations in Wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7. If you are available for some or part of the day (even before or after work), I would greatly appreciate your help with holding signs at the polls. Contact me to sign up for a timeslot and location. 

The Election Night Party is just after polls close, 7-8:30 at my office, 40 Thorndike Street, Suite 2A. Access is from the main parking lot stair tower. This is a party to celebrate YOU, my amazing volunteers and supporters, and hopefully a victory if we do everything right between now and then!!

The Plan:
Friday night, 5pm, we will have a sign standout outside the Woman's Club, 44 Pleasant St before their "meet the candidates night" at 5:30 (free parking in back)

I will be knocking doors all day Saturday and Sunday. If you would like to help out, I have walk packets of around 35 doors that you can adopt to help me drop literature to primary voters. 

Election day Prep is happening Monday evening 5-9ish - message me if you are available to help put together packets, assemble signs, and drop off items at the polls. 

Every dollar counts, so if you have been thinking about re-donating, consider yourself asked!

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!