Right-wing Congressman Matt Gaetz is unfit for office. 

He allegedly attempted to intimidate a witness before one Congressional hearing, and he tried to throw Parkland school shooting victims’ parents out of another hearing. In a racist tirade, Gaetz said that building Trump’s wall would be more effective than background checks.

That’s why we’re raising money for his Democratic opponent in 2020. This is the amount that the last Democratic challenger raised running against this scumbag. The least we can do is give whoever that candidate is a head start. 

Rush a donation now to Matt Gaetz’ future Democratic opponent -- your money goes straight to his opponent’s 2020 campaign.

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    “We have a lot of work to do as a country. No time for a ‘stuntman’s, it’s time for real action and someone who takes the job of actually representing folx seriously.”

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    “No one who threatens witnesses, or bullies the families of gun victims, should serve in the government of my country.”

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    “He. like Trump does not belong in our government.”

May 10, 2019

Matt Gaetz is being investigated by the Florida Bar

Remember when Rep. Matt Gaetz tried to suck up to Donald Trump and tamper with Michael Cohen’s testimony? He thought he was a real tough guy – and now he’s under investigation, again.

The Florida Bar announced this week that his actions warrant further investigation by a special committee – which could lead to a formal charges from the Florida Supreme Court.

Before the testimony, Gaetz tweeted that certain ‘revelations’ would come out in Cohen’s hearing – which was widely viewed as witness tampering, and just plain false.

We don’t have to wait for the Florida Bar to tell us if what he did was unethical or illegal. We can fund Matt Gaetz’s future opponent right now. Together we’re going to #MakeMattPay.

We know that Rep. Matt Gaetz is a complete scumbag. He tried to throw a Parkland parent out of a hearing on gun reform and proudly proclaimed that a border wall would do more to stop gun violence than gun reform.

If everyone reading this pitches in just a few dollars, we can give Gaetz’s 2020 opponent a real head start in the race. Donate now and your money will go straight to his opponent’s campaign.

Matt Gaetz needs to see consequences for his behavior. Let's give him some consequences today.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!