Growing up in Markham Heights, the lowest income neighborhood of Vacaville, I have witnessed the ups and downs families have endured. As we face uncertain economic hardships, we must never lose sight of our ability to focus on what is most important: the ability to work to support our families, and raise our kids in an environment that makes all revaluate what is most important in life.

Vacaville has provided the opportunity for our residents to earn the American Dream. As a City Council member I will strongly support the removal of 'redtape' that creates challenges for our local businesses to survive, maintain, and expand. In addition, I will strongly support investing in developing our infastructure to help recruit pro-community businesses, particularly the biotechnology and other manufacturing industries. Like many Americans, I don't just want to see 'Made in USA,' I want to see 'Made in Vacaville.'

The ability to earn a good living is what brought my parents to this area. Everything they did was to create better opportunities for themselves to escape poverty and leave something for us (their kids) to expand upon. I also will support prioritizing reinvesting in our quality of life for our kids to access enrichment opportunities, fun activites for adults, and safe places for our disabled population and elders. 

To do this, we have to strenghten City-School-Community partnerships and think-outside the box to support inclusive approaches to create self-sustainable and safe communities. As someone who has overcome adversity from a mislabeled gang-member to biotechnology and biological science professor, and elected school board member, I'm eager to provide the leadership to do so. Your financial contributions to our campaign, Silva for City Council, District 3, is an investment not just in our generation, but our future generation, too! United, let's move forward.

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July 22, 2020

Thanks for the LOVE during Week 1!

Thank you everyone for the tremendous support during our campaign kick off during week 1!

Let's continue to expand these efforts by sharing our post and for those wanting positive, sensible change and invest in the future, please encourage them to invest in our campaign. 

Any amount helps in 2020. Including $20.20!!!!

United for a better future!

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!