Please allow me to take a few moments of your time to tell my story. My name is Dorian Leander Hall. I’m a grassroots community builder in PLEX neighborhood following the footsteps of my mother Dorothy Hall. I’m so excited to announce my candidacy for Monroe County Legislature 25th District. This legislative seat has always been held by a neighborhood grassroots candidate and it’s very important we keep that tradition alive by Electing me. I understand our community needs. For over 10 years I have been working with neighborhoods, businesses, and people in our community building strong relationships. Some may know my parents Dorothy and Thomas Hall. My Uncles Leroy Simmons, Wesley Jackson, David Greene, and Jimmy Jackson who all raised me around historic places like The Elks Club, Montgomery Center, Griffins’ Barber shop, MLK Plaza and Memorial AME Zion Church.  

My experience working with PLEX neighborhood has led me to fight for mental health support, community schools, employment opportunities and fight against gentrification, environmental injustice and now local politics. I consider myself blessed to have a mother along with many other grassroots community activists as my role models. During the year 2012 my mother asked me to attend a City of Rochester meeting about The Vacuum Oil Brownfield Cleanup Program.  That meeting changed my life and is the reason why I’m getting into good trouble.  

Born and raised in Rochester south west PLEX neighborhood. I attended local schools from Sacred Heart elementary, North Star Christian academy, to East High. I obtained two Associate Degrees from Monroe Community College and a Business Administration Bachelor's degree with dual core majors to include Management Information Systems and Finance from the University at Buffalo. I'm the owner of an entertainment business since 1992 and I had many successful business mentors along the way. My full time Employer is UPS. There I am a Technology Support Technician. Growing up I attended Memorial AME Church and I was raised to help others. So because of my Christian training along with my education and business background I decided to give back to the community by helping my mother with PLEX Neighborhood Association. 

While working with PLEX I witnessed undermining many neighborhood concerns about development projects. Projects located in PLEX, EMMA, COBBS HILL, CHARLOTTE, and DOWNTOWN ROCHESTER. I put together a strategy to push against the City of Rochester and a Developer to clean up contaminated land in my neighborhood. Then I introduced CBAs Community Benefit Agreements to the City of Rochester and help PLEX neighborhood association acquire PLEX Garden land lot from foodlink. I’m the vice president of PLEX neighborhood association, Co-Chair of MNBN Many Neighbors Building Neighborhoods, Trustee of Western NY Landmark Society, Board member on Rochester City Roots Land Trust and Memorial AME Zion Church Community Development Corporation. I'm working with the City-Wide Rochester Tenants Union, PAB Police accountability board, Rochester Sierra Club, Justice for all housing groups and metro justice organizations. Last I'm  helping PLEX neighborhood association create Rochester’s first community owned solar panel grid and I believe in using policies to change the future of our communities. Which is why I'm currently running for Monroe  County 25th Legislator.

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April 24, 2021

Vote Dorian L Hall June 22nd Democratic Primary

Dorian has been endorsed by John Lightfoot! Vote Dorian Hall June 22nd.  Read John Lightfoot Quote! 

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!