Juan Sanchez is a lifelong Holyoke resident and passionate community activist. His commitment to public service comes from his own personal experiences.

He has worked on numerous campaigns and initiatives throughout the city and the region to advance progress on issues impacting marginalized communities. He has advocated to meet people’s basic human needs for decent housing, jobs with living wages, economic assistance, safety, human rights including  LGBTQ equal rights, social equity, and more.

Juan has run for city council in Holyoke, and for Secretary of the Commonwealth in 2018, making him the first Puerto Rican candidate for this office in Massachusetts history. Juan is proud to have held the position of president of the board at Nueva Esperanza, a 40 year old agency serving the city of Holyoke. He has a degree in Education from Springfield Technical Community College (STCC). Juan currently assists people experiencing homelessness to find housing with a regional agency.

Juan Sanchez wants to bring his commitment to giving voice to those so long unheard by Beacon Hill  to the top elections office.

"Now more than ever, Massachusetts needs to ensure fair and equitable elections in a time when our nation seems to be going in different directions" My goals for office include:

-Ensuring the underprivileged and under-represented groups have a voice on Beacon Hill

-Progressive electoral and campaign finance reform

-Improve voter education by delivering information in multiple languages

 *According to Massachusetts law, individuals may give no more than $1000 in a calendar year to any candidate for state/local office. Note, in addition, that our Green-Rainbow campaigns do not accept any contributions:

1) from registered lobbyists, or
2) from officers and political action committees (PACS) of for-profit corporations that employ registered lobbyists. 

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    “I endorse Juan because he knows where the interests of the working class lies!”

September 10, 2022

A Breath of Fresh Air on Beacon Hill

Today Juan Sanchez turns 33 years old. Juan is not only the first Puerto Rican to run for Secretary, but if elected would be the youngest Secretary of the Commonwealth. Juan will use his vigor and energy to engage the youth, the working class, non-English speakers, and more to participate in the democratic process and further diversify the voter base in MA. Juan will be a breath of fresh air on Beacon Hill, and we all know how much that is needed! DONATE $33 TODAY to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Juan Sanchez!!!

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!